A bit about me

392179_2765728511608_1509773836_32739855_379984853_n  Hello, I'm Lisa!

  I was very proud to become a qualified Puppy School Tutor in 2007 and I love every minute of it.  I have lived with  dogs and various other animals including, Rats, Hamsters, Rabbits, Cats and Fish, most of my life.  I have  compleated  various animal related courses including 'Small Animal Care', Animal Behaviour', 'Dog Grooming' and  'Dog Training'.

 I have worked in rescue and regularly attend courses and seminars, to help keep me on my toes and to improve my  knowledge.  Examples of workshops and seminars I have attended are with; Gwen Bailey, Patricia McConnell, Grisha Stuart and Dr. Ian Dunbar, with the latest seminar in May 2017 with Chirag Patel, hosted by the fabulous Puppy School.

I have shared my life with various breeds and cross breeds, including my lovely Basil, a German Shepherd x Greyhound, and my gorgeous Boxer, Buster.  I now share my home with a young large mixed breed, German Shepherd x Collie x Pyrenean Mastiff, a real character who is fun, loving and full of mischief, called Mickey, who came to us through a rescue. 

I have come to understand how important kind and positive training is, this allows for a good foundation on which to build strong bonds and understanding between human and our wonderful canine friends.